Why Does Hiring A Former Defense Attorney Matter?

We understand that when choosing an attorney you have many options. You may wonder why hiring an attorney with experience defending insurance companies and at-fault parties matters.

The short answer is because we know how our opponents think.

Being a former defense attorney means Mr. Waggener used to represent at fault parties (those who caused the accident) and their insurance companies. Just to name a few, Mr. Waggener represented State Farm, GEICO, as well as Auto Owners.

As a defense attorney, Mr. Waggener actually visited State Farm headquarters in Winter Haven, FL multiple times. So, defense attorneys work very closely with the adjusters and business people with these insurance companies. Most people don’t know that when you’re involved in a car accident, even though you sue the person that hit you, you’re almost always dealing with their insurance company. However, in almost every case, the attorneys have to get permission from the insurance company to settle the case even if the at-fault party wants to settle the case. Having good relationships with the adjusters helps avoid any problems there. Defense attorneys understand how insurance companies think and approach each claim because they have to get them to approve of settlements.

It may go without saying but Defense attorneys spend their entire working lives in and out of the court room representing the largest insurance companies in America. That experience gives them a unique perspective on handling personal injury cases. Every court document filed, witness prepped, written deposition question, mediation attended, objection logged, opening statement deviled, adjuster consultation, medical record analyzed is from the mind set of saving the insurance company money.

Another huge advantage is that we’ve seen how many other Plaintiff’s attorneys practice law. As I’m sure you’ve suspected, not all attorneys are created equal. Every attorney has a unique perspective and “take” on how to practice the law. We’ve seen Plaintiff’s attorneys leave money on the table because they failed to follow proper procedure. We’ve seen Plaintiff’s attorneys fail in trial. We’ve also seen Plaintiff’s attorneys masterfully file motions which guaranteed their client a sizable settlement. We’ve seen Plaintiff’s attorney’s make effective objections limiting defense evidence.

These experiences are invaluable for gaining a broad and deep perspective on practicing the law and handling client’s cases. It allows Waggener Law and other defense attorneys turned plaintiff’s attorneys to think multiple moves ahead and maneuver that case into the strongest position.

When choosing an attorney to represent you in personal injury matter or some other insurance matter, even if you do not choose Waggener Law, please consider choosing an attorney that worked as defense attorney. They will bring a wealth of knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else.