What Is PIP aka Personal Injury Protection?

If you live in the state of Florida and have car insurnace, you have Personal Injury Protection or PIP. What is PIP? What can you do with it?

PIP is pretty handy insurance for car accidents because it’s available whether you’re at fault for the accident or not. PIP provides $10,000 for medical treatment you need after an accident.

That ambulance ride? Covered. ER visit and x-rays? Covered. Chiropractic care for a few months? Covered. Need to see a pain management specialist or a surgeon? Covered. Did you cause the accident? Doesn’t matter, PIP will still help pay those bills.

Now there is one caveat to PIP paying that $10,000. PIP will only pay 80% of your medical bill. So you get treatment for your broken arm at the ER and they charge you $1,000. PIP will pay $800 and you’ll owe the $200. So, theoretically, if you maxed out the $10,000, you would owe $2,000.

This is where having an experienced car accident attorney will help. We can help lower or eliminate the remaining $2,000. If you have any questions about any of these topics, feel free to contact us at Chris@waggenerlaw.com, 727-685-8000, or check out our other articles at waggenerlaw.com.