How Do I Pay For My Medical Bills If I Don’t Have Enough Money Or Insurance?

If you’ve been injured as the result of a car accident or some other kind of accident, then you’ve no doubt had to treat with some kind of medical professional. As you’ve realized, these services aren’t cheap. Maybe you went to the ER directly from the scene and now you’re dealing with a $750 ambulance ride and a $10,000 bill from the ER itself. Maybe you waited a few days after the accident before treating with your primary care physician or chiropractor and they’ve recommended treatment that will last several months. That treatment alone could cost thousands of dollars.

Consider this scenario, Mr. Smith is injured in a car accident and experiences neck pain as a result. He goes to the ER and then a chiropractor. He has decent insurance and pays his co-pays like many people. After 3 or 4 months of treatment, his neck pain won’t go away and his chiropractor refers him out to a neurologist for further treatment. This neurologist thinks the only way to treat Mr. Smith’s neck pain is surgery. The treatment and surgery for this will likely run a bill of roughly $100,000. Now Mr. Smith is looking at paying tens of thousands of dollars in co-pay fees to get the treatment he needs in order to recover from the car accident.

What can Mr. Smith do if he doesn’t have the money on hand to pay his co-pay?

This question can be answered directly, if you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence the law allows you to recover any money you spend on medical treatment. Not only can you recover the money you’ve spent on medical treatment, but you can recover money for medical treatment you will no doubt need in the future. This allows Mr. Smith to recover the $100,000 he’ll need to get his neck treated by the neurologist.

In a situation like this, Mr. Smith has to go to the person who hurt him and demand the money. Most of the time, this means going to the insurance company who insures the person who hit Mr. Smith. Many times these insurance companies fight these claims. They point to pre-existing conditions and say that the injury pre-existed the accident, so they don’t owe Mr. Smith anything. Another argument insurance companies like to make is that Mr. Smith won’t actually spend the money on the surgery. They like to argue instead that he’ll use the money to take a vacation or remodel his house.

People like Mr. Smith are fortunate in that they have insurance and can pay for the initial treatment with their primary care physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor. However, many people do not have the money or insurance for any of it and so they suffer despite having a legal means to recover money to help treat their injuries. Many of these people do not want to bother with hiring an attorney because, “they aren’t those kinds of people.”

Always remember, if you’re hurt because of someone else’s actions, in most cases, you can legally recover money to treat your injuries from that person. We hope you choose Waggener Law when you need help with these sorts of issues, but if not, please, hire an attorney to help you with this. Plaintiff’s attorney’s take a bad rap, but many of them a great and they will make a positive difference in your case.

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